Lighting is essential in any home, but why not treat it as another source of creativity rather than just an everyday necessity?

From the more expensive, almost art-like installations at Young & Battaglia to the more affordable and practical ceiling pendants and lamps at Oka or Atkin & Thyme, there is something for everyone!

For our flat we are going for bold lighting choices, combining the industrial with the exotic. For the bedside tables I already have my heart set on the Vienne table lamps from Raft. The large hammered metal base gives them a real wow factor that fits our brief perfectly.


These lamps reminded me of some that my mum had bought in Bolivia while we were living there. Having travelled around the world for most of my childhood, our family garage is much like a cluttered museum documenting our journey from country to country.  With a stroke of luck, I found one of the lamps still intact–albeit out of action due to somewhat dodgy Bolivian wiring!  The ceramic base, with its intricate patterns, ties in nicely with the lamps from Raft and makes it feel more like a piece of artwork than an essential household item. I am adamant about getting it up and running again to use in the hallway!


For the living room and kitchen, we are set on strictly industrial lighting. This theme has been inspired by numerous lighting installations we have seen in restaurants, coffee shops, and bars around London, Bath, and Bradford-on-Avon. I’ve always been a fan of loft style living and have seen some great examples of this sort of lighting at Rockett St George and Heals. For the kitchen table, we hope to have a light feature similar to those below, but with a more simplistic fitting featuring just two light bulbs.

For the living room, we are going for more of a statement piece. I am a big fan of metal, specifically copper, and want a large industrial shade to form the focal point of the room. We have searched far and wide for the right ceiling pendant and have narrowed it down to two choices from Atkin & Thyme and Oka.

The lighting options out there are endless, so think twice before going for “plain Jane” installations and explore all the exciting alternatives on offer!

Top photo credit: King Edison Pendant Lights From Young & Battaglia.