Why not turn the ordinary into the extraordinary with innovative storage ideas? It’s very easy to stick to what you know and go for run of the mill shelves or cabinets from a high street shop, but there are so many interesting alternatives that can even end up being cheaper!

I am a real fan of quirky storage options and was inspired by a beautiful house on the Isle of Skye. The owners combined traditional antique pieces with the industrial–most of which was picked up from reclamation shops.

While some of the best finds are likely to come from your nearest junk or antique shop, here are some fun high street options…

Chests & Trunks

Baryton Leather Trunks, C. Columbus Gold Trunk & Industrial Mango Wood Trunk

Ladder shelves

 RSG Loft Bookshelves & Hambledon Raw Oak Shelf Ladder


Langton Wire Storage Shelf & RSG Utility Narrow Hanging Shelves

Farm crates

Rustic Wooden Wine Rack, Portobello Market Vintage Crate & Reclaimed Wooden Crate

Top photo credit: Jung & Bergen Instagram