One of the plus sides of purchasing a modern flat is its bare and fuss-free interior. While period features are no doubt charming, new builds present you with a completely blank canvas to run wild with!

Being a west country girl at heart, I have to bring a bit of the countryside with me wherever I go–be it with rustic wooden furniture, farmers’ produce boxes, nature-themed ceramics, or vases filled with flowers.

To source furniture to get that country feel, we visited Wells Reclamation–a great source for one-off, second-hand pieces at really reasonable prices. We came back with a farmhouse kitchen table, a desk in desperate need of upcycling, and some industrial steel handles to start the transformation process.



We’ve also picked up numerous farmers’ produce boxes to use as storage from Frome’s Independent Market and Nordic Style on Richmond Hill. The boxes are a fun alterative to drawers or wicker storage baskets. I’ve also made a habit of picking boxes printed with locations of significance, giving them an added personal touch. Nordic Style also has high quality faux flowers which make a great centrepiece for any table and add a hint of the countryside. The blue hydrangeas are my personal favourite!

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