One of my favourite interior trends is the industrial look. We recently moved into a new flat and have modelled it on our version of a New York loft. This trend is all about exposed materials. Three words…WOOD, METAL AND STONE.


For tables, we were lucky enough to find a beautiful secondhand farmhouse kitchen table at Wells Reclamation. Its imperfections make it one of the most interesting pieces of furniture we have and gives the flat a homely feel.

I was also handed down two vintage Indian tables–one coffee table and one side table. The rustic wood and metal accents around the sides and legs add to the industrial feel.


These two chairs are both perfect examples of industrial design. While the Dwell chair is a more modern take with its smooth wooden and shiny metal legs, the Maison chair conjures up vintage, colonial elegance with its rattan seat, “rusting” metal back  and grainy wood.


Metal lighting is another key ingredient to getting that “loft” style look. While we’ve by no means finalised all the lighting in the flat, we have a few pieces that already fit the brief perfectly. The first is our white metal floor lamp which we picked up in Frome for close to nothing. It’s size is eye catching and the white contrasts perfectly with our black concrete floor. The metal and wooden lantern was purchased on holiday in Mallorca and is ideal for both inside and out, while the brass desk lamp was an eBay find.

Shelves and Accessories

The wrought iron shelves in the living room were handmade in Vietnam, the bathroom cage shelves were an online buy from Rockett St George and I found the wine rack in a vintage shop in Islington. All from very different locations, but with one thing in common–wrought iron, a must have for any industrial-inspired room.


The concrete floor in the flat has served as a canvas for our industrial-themed decor. Its black shiny surface epitomises the idea of exposed materials and contrasts perfectly with our patterned rugs. No concrete floor? Fear not! The high street is rife with concrete- and stone-inspired home accessories.

Now its your turn…

While the best place to unleash your industrial prowess is more than likely a reclamation yard, vintage secondhand shop or your family’s attic/garage–there are some options on the high street that can give you that “loft style” aesthetic.

Maharani Orissa Coffee Table, Austerlitz Chair & Xavier Pauchard Tolix Chair

Brooklyn Vintage Metal Dome Flush Mount Light, Rhonda Concrete And Copper Pendant & Black And Gold Curved Floor Lamp

Maisons du Monde Metal Bookcase & Swoon Editions Nikita Shelving Unit

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