Mirrors are essential in every home and allow you to manipulate both light and space. You are most likely to find them above a bathroom sink or on top of a bedroom dresser for practical, everyday use but they have so much more to offer!

Being a reflector of light, mirrors can transform a dark, cramped room into a bright and seemingly roomy space.

“The Illusion”

Allenby Floor Mirror, Oka Heligan Arched Mirror & RSG Rust Effect Window Mirror

These window mirrors exude a real sense of space, giving the impression of an extra room.

Alongside their illusionary abilities, mirrors are also a fun way to decorate your walls–whether you’re going for a classic vintage theme or a more contemporary aesthetic.

“The Vintage”

RSG Black Wall Mirror With Shelf & TITOUAN antique industrial mirror

“The Nautical”

Kirklands Metal Rope Wall Mirror, NAVY Metal Porthole Mirror & Circular Metal Ship’s Mirror

“The Exotic”

Moroccan Bronze Mirror, LATIPUR Wooden Mirror & Whitewashed Adhika Mirror

“The Art Piece”

Post Modern Wall MirrorEichholtz Mirror Cheyenne

Mirrors are a necessity in any home, but don’t forget that they are also a great form of creativity! With such a big range online and on the high street, there is a mirror out there to suit every design aesthetic.

Top photo credit: Thedesignchaser.com