Dusky pinks, warm coppers and sandy beiges…to me this aesthetic conjures up images of a glistening desert mirage at sunset.  The colour combination marries metallic tones and natural hues, while adding a touch of romance with blush pinks.

Nowhere is the copper trend more strong than in lighting. Adding a warm glow to any home, it is the perfect accessory.  For a more rustic feel, look no further than Klaylife’s wooden beaded chandeliers. They are artworks in their own right and their rosy ombre tones fit in perfectly with this aesthetic.


 Rondure Ceiling Pendant Light, Oval Blush Pink & L.I.M. Blush Pink Ombre Beaded Chandelier

When I think of desert scenes, one of the first things that comes to mind are Georgia O’Keeffe’s paintings which set skulls and flowers against barren landscapes. While this imagery has a harsh edge to it, there is a sense of beauty as well.

Faux animal skulls have been a regular on the interior circuit, and show no signs of letting up. The skulls below are essential to achieving that desert feel, with their lifelike ivory tones creating a real sense of wild nature. Dreamcatchers are another fun accessory that can create a real impact, evoking a sense of spirituality in your home.

White Bronze Faux Taxidermy, Pure White Dreamcatcher & Ornate Faux Deer Skull

The neutral tones and textures in these “rough and ready” cushions are the definition of rustic. It is easy to imagine them sprawled across a bedouin tent in the Sahara.

Tribal Cushion & Tassle Cushion

Because there is no such thing as too much copper…why not add some additional metallic touches? Pay homage to the desert’s thorny foliage and plant cacti in these dipped copper cement pots. Hurricane lamps can also give your home a rosy glow and work just as well inside as out.

Dipped Cement Pots & Libra Merle Rose Gold Lantern

Last but not least…how could you create an authentic, desert aesthetic without faux animal hides? While it’s unbearably hot during the day, temperatures drop dramatically at night. A cowhide stool or rug will keep you cosy and compliment any rustic interior.

RSG Canyon Cowhide Bench & Acid Cowhide Rug

Top photo credit: Amara Living