Do you recall that old age advice to stick to light, bright colours to maximize space? Scrap it! The rule book has been well and truly thrown out. Dark coloured walls are in–in a big way!

Moody, inky hues are fast becoming the must-have palette. The interior world is rebelling and dispelling the myth that dark colours shrink a room, leaving it void of light and airiness.

In fact, petrol blues, forest greens, slate greys and jet blacks can open up a room. Dark colours add immediate interest and drama. Choosing light or metallic toned furniture guarantees that pieces pop against the moody backdrop, adding to the spectacle.

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Being deep and earthy in nature also ensures easy compatibility with pretty much all interior trends–be it Scandi, Industrial, Retro…. Although by no means a “quiet” choice, darker tones allow you to be bold without being garish. The accessories in your room can constantly change but you’re unlikely to find something that clashes with your walls.

Need any more convincing? Painting is also one of the cheapest ways to transform a room–doing it yourself that is!

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