First impressions are everything and, when it comes to your home, nowhere is this more true than your doorway. Glossy black paint, a polished knocker, and box hedges scream pride and precision. Sherbet yellow gloss, draped wisteria and victorian porch tiles shout care-free, bold and adventurous.

House numbers are a necessary feature for identification, but why not have some fun and explore alternatives to a traditional number. Ceramic plates can add a splash of creativity, while a large house number painted to the side of your door oozes drama and ensures you won’t go unnoticed.

Hotel Numeral House Number, Address Plaque & Modern Brass House Number

Rare door knockers are another way to add intrigue to your doorway. Quirky hardware is sure to catch the attention of any passersby.

Brass Hoop Door KnockerAged Brass Regency Door Knocker & Temsia Door Knocker

Paint is the obvious way to transform an entrance. Sleek black or slate grey are perfect for a well-manicured doorway, giving off a very sophisticated look. However, if you want to be slightly rebellious how about using pastels? You can also experiment with shine or matt effects.

Duck Egg Chalky Matt, Paloma Chalk Paint & Slate Blue No. 68

Not bold enough? How about these…

Summer Yellow Gloss & Old World Coral

Now that your door is primed to the full, it’s time to consider the lead up. Victorian tiles have never really gone out of fashion and many stockists have added a modern twist to this timeless trend.

Victorian Chequer TileDevon Concrete Tile & Via Applia Cilena Negro Tile

And as a final touch, place twin bay trees on either side of the entrance or add box hedges.

Boxwood Topiary Tree, Buxus Topiary Ball & Laurel Bay Tree