Using piping as a design feature in your home combines two top interiors trends: industrial and upcycling. You might think that this is quite a niche area for furniture and home accessories but prepare to be blown away with the wide array of options.

This trend is most popular for storage, working perfectly to create shelves, towel rails and clothes hangers. Instead of a mundane, “run of the mill” metal or wooden rail, industrial piping adds intrigue to everyday objects and creates an authentic loft feel.

Industrial Towel Rail And Shelf Reclaimed Wood And Pipe Book Shelf

Industrial Kitchen Pan RailIndustrial Coat And Clothes Stand

Lighting is by far the most creative accessory that uses this trend. Place a reclaimed wall sconce into a corner of a room to create instant drama. If you want to make even more of a statement, the web is full of steampunk-inspired chandeliers and hanging pipes.

One Light Pipe Sconce & 4-Light Hanging Pipe With Exposed Bulbs

1-Tier Industrial Foyer Chandelier & Iron Pipe Retro Light

This trend has also spread to furniture. Metal piping is ideal for forming the legs of bar stools or a side table.

Industrial Steel Pipe Side Table & Industrial Steel Pipe Stool

While the internet is a treasure trove of variety, you can also craft these accessories yourself. Embrace the upcycling trend, save money and do it yourself!

Top photo credit: Trend Hunter