The botanical trend is really holding its own in the interior world and shows no signs of slowing down. Adding floral-inspired accessories breathes life and colour into your home. Wallpaper, textile, and furniture designers have all jumped on the band wagon so the options are endless!

Tropical Bloom, Jacaranda Longstock

Waterperry Wisteria, Ferns & Fern Clearing 

For those who find floral-inspired wallpaper a tad OTT, botanical prints are another easy way to dress your walls.

String of Pearls & Howea

Magnolia officinalisFritillara persica

Textiles and furniture are the perfect canvas for botanical expression. Patterns vary from toned-down pastel prints to bright, bold designs with flowers the size of saucers.  See how daring you’re feeling on the day!

Palmeral ‘De Beauvoir’ Screen & Ananas With Daley Palmeral Lampshade

Hedgerow Arthouse Small Cushion, Agatha Cushion Cover & Boutonniere Coffee Table

If you don’t want to stop there, and gardening isn’t your thing, Abigail Ahern also has her own wonderful range of faux flowers–available on her website as well as Heal’s. Neptune and OKA also stock a wide variety of high quality blossoms.

Hyacinth, Rose Blush & Hydrangea

With the Chelsea Flower Show only days away, what better time to get inspired!

Top photo credit: Architectural Digest