I am obsessed with tiles. Far from a mundane material we use to line our walls and floors, I see them as decorative objects that can transform any room. Yes, they serve the purpose of waterproofing kitchens and bathrooms, but they have so much more to offer!

Whether you’re looking for high end or high street, ceramic or stone–the options are endless.

Modern marble

Ca’ Pietra Jet Set Collection – Milan, Lantau Grey Mosaic, Misty Fjord Herringbone & Geomento Tile

These tiles are perfect if you don’t want to go too far out of your comfort zone but want something slightly unique. Marble is one of the most traditional surface choices, but the addition of hexagonal edges or a herringbone arrangement give it a modern touch.

Vintage victoriana

Old Iron Ice And Brighton Stone, Kingsbridge Grey Floor Tile & Henley Ice Tile  

Much like marble, victorian tiles are a natural go-to for flooring. Often used to pave walkways or entrance halls, they are now becoming popular in bathrooms and kitchens. The patterns are intricate and fun, but the colours are often muted so it isn’t difficult to match them to a colour scheme.

Geometry lessons

Petrol Otura TileEncaustic Estremoz, Sorrento MoliniCa’ Pietra Madrid

If you love pattern, but find the victorian tiles a tad too traditional, go for these fun retro tiles. They’re bolder, bigger and brighter–sure to catch the attention of any visitor.

Metallic marvels

Plumage by Cristina Celestino

And now for something really dramatic–an instant showstopper. The intricate layering and metallic tones of Bottega Nove’s Plumage collection transport you to somewhere other worldly.

Top photo credit: The House Directory