In the words of Leonardo da Vinci, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” Minimalism has long been a permanent fixture in the design world, with the popularity of scandi and oriental aesthetics helping to ensure its prominence and dominance as a top-tier trend.

To achieve minimalism, stick to muted colour palettes—preferably monochrome or achromatic.  Think bright whites, light greys or calming blues.

Blue Lace, Willow & Pale Powder

Use natural materials in your home, such as stone, wood or rope, to celebrate your surroundings and bring the outside in. These materials will tie in nicely with a muted colour palette and are very understated.

Black Antique Style Wall Mirror With Shelf & Round Ships Mirror With Rope

I always go for industrial or oriental-inspired lighting when creating a minimalist aesthetic. Think stripped back basics–an exposed light bulb hanging from a wire or a simple lantern shade.

Tristan 5 Pendant, Taho Cocoa Wood Drum Pendant & Black Pearl Table Lamp

Stick to sleek, simple designs.

HappyBarok Loft 2 Seater Sofa & Rowan Leather Chair

A minimal home must be tidy and well organised so layout and storage are key to creating a clutter-free space. A little research into the art of Feng Shui wouldn’t go amiss!

Dutch Industrial Double Shelving & Dutch Industrial Narrow Single Shelving

Eastwood Console Table Mango Wood

Eastwood Console Table In Mango Wood

Build on the calming atmosphere with a simple water feature. Its soothing sounds are sure to help you achieve inner peace—if only momentarily!

Slate Multi Fall Water Feature

Slate Multi Fall Water Feature

Top photo credit: Napier Interiors