A new movement has started, and it shows no signs of slowing down! We are currently experiencing a revolution in the interior world. While minimalism will never die out, maximalism is growing in popularity.

This trend can be defined as a riot of colour and pattern. Think big, bold, brash and clash! Throw out old-age design rules and mix contrasting styles. The rules are that there are no rules. Eclecticism is key!

Celebrate over-the-top luxury with ornate furniture and lavish accessories.

19th Century French Empire Crystal ChandelierCrystal Halo Chandelier

Cinema Armchair in Green Mohair & Monterrey Lounge Chair II Gold

Butterfly Wheel Kemp Compact Sofa

Butterfly Wheel Kemp Compact Sofa

Be sure to include gold tones wherever possible!

Padova Coffee Table & Bonheur Coffee Table

Gold Luxe Round Bamboo Trolley & Laurel Mirror

Paint your walls in bright, vibrant shades and source textiles and wallpaper with bold, eye-catching prints and playful textures.

Flights of Fancy Grey Stripe & Honey Bees

Picture Gallery Wallpaper, Turquino & Gold And Pink Sunbirds

And if you feel there’s still room for a little extra oomph, source colourful prints and exotic paraphenalia for your walls. Faux taxidermy always works a treat and is sure to have your visitors intrigued.


Mounted Antler Trophies, Garden With Blue Terrace & Plant On The Way

Remember, “if you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.”  – Katharine Hepburn

Top photo credit: Livinator