July 2017

Lessons in geometry

Geometry has been an important element of architecture and interior design for as long as time. The Ancient Greeks are said to have invented it while the Ancient Egyptians were pioneers in using the subject matter in construction.┬áThe Temple of... Continue Reading →


Household hardware

Interior design is all about examining all aspects of your home and adding a unique, personal touch to every corner, leaving no stone unturned. While rarely a showstopper, household hardware can make a real impact and enhance the drama of... Continue Reading →

Coastal cool

Known for its sandy beaches, world class waves and chic shops, Hossegor is a real gem. I'm not one for repeat holiday destinations but this place is a true outlier. Due to the large surf community residing in the town,... Continue Reading →

On the fringes

Tassels are showing up everywhere. The traditional, Moroccan-inspired tassel has been around for years, but this trend has spread to all areas. Textiles are increasingly trimmed with tassels or pom poms while fringed light fittings have made a comeback. Tassels... Continue Reading →

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