Interior design is all about examining all aspects of your home and adding a unique, personal touch to every corner, leaving no stone unturned.

While rarely a showstopper, household hardware can make a real impact and enhance the drama of a space. By hardware, I mean door handles, knobs, taps, shower heads, hooks, light switches, dimmers and sockets.

Instead of looking at these objects as mundane, necessary accessories, do some research and explore your options. You’ll find eye-catching pieces that are more reminiscent of sculptures than everyday household gadgets.

Door handles

Rowen & Wren Croft Cup HandleCroft Simple KnobBuster + Punch Door Level Handle & T Bar

Door knobs

Faceted Ory Knob, Clover Knob & Goldenbrush Knob

Shower heads and taps

Inigo Shower & Catchpole Le Thermo Exposed Shower

Bert & May Wall Mounted Basin Taps And Spout & Wheel Shower Thermostat

The Watermark Collection Zen, Elan Vital & Brooklyn


Anthropologie Hunter-Gatherer Hook & Windmill Palm Hook

R&W Brana Wall Hook & Bitra Hook Rail

Light switches, dimmers & sockets

Pooky Classic Pendant In Antiqued Brass, P+B 1g Dimmer & P+B 1g Toggle Switch

Dyke And Dean Copper Spun Shade Wall Arm & Olive And The Fox Ned

Instead of going for the ordinary, pick brass, gold, copper or silver with antique, smokey and frosted effects. Looking to move away from metals? Pick coloured glass or bright ceramics. Household hardware is by no means boring. Experiment!

Top photo credit: Bert & May