Geometry has been an important element of architecture and interior design for as long as time. The Ancient Greeks are said to have invented it while the Ancient Egyptians were pioneers in using the subject matter in construction. The Temple of Athena and the Pyramids of Giza are the fruits of this knowledge.

While mathematics has never been my thing, my passion for art and design makes me a great appreciator of shape and dimension. As I often shy away from colour, normally opting for monochrome palettes, I express my creativity through pattern. Squares, triangles, circles, hexagons…when combined can create a wide range of patterns from subtle and minimal to busy and bold.

Retro lighting is ideal for this brief, with cubist and molecular-like structures all the rage for encasing bulbs.

Larue Pendant & Studio McGee Cubist Chandelier

The options are endless for geometric-inspired wallpaper. You could be really daring and go for bright colours and busy patterns but, if like me, this is a bit out of your comfort zone, stick to muted colour palettes so as not to overwhelm the space.

Tarek Copper Wallpaper & Linear Black And White Wallpaper

Textiles are rife with fun, elaborate patterns sourced from all over the world. You’ll be spoilt for choice! This is somewhere I would be inclined to splash a bit of colour as cushions and throws aren’t huge investment pieces. You can mix, match and replace as you please.

Hemming Swivel Armchair & Flutura Pouffe

Niki Jones Harlequin Geometric Cushion, Raft Croton CushionOliver Bonas Quilted Cushion

Amazing Rug Combi & Linie Memo Moss Rug

Go for tables with angular bases. Cabinets and side tables with raised faceted surfaces are another way to introduce geometry and interest to your furniture. Sculptural trinkets  placed on surfaces also add to the drama.

Doric Statues & Grid Wine Rack

Empire Side Table & Geometric Faceted Square Side Table

Lastly, tiles are an instant source of inspiration when it comes to pattern. Hexagonal tiles are becoming increasingly popular while triangular mosaics can give you an exotic or retro feel depending on the colours you go for.

Topps Tiles Templo Sky Mix Mosaic & Bistro Tile

Whether you introduce a bit of geometry into your home, or a lot, this trend adds dimension to any space.

Top photo credit: LD Shoppe by Leclair Decor