September 2017

Total texture

Texture is an essential part of design and can transform an ordinary piece of furniture into something truly unique. Techniques such as carving, layering, embossing, and engraving add dimension to an object and enhance its presence in a room. The... Continue Reading →

The illuminati

Despite once being considered a dim aspect of interior design, lighting has never been more popular. Attitudes are changing rapidly, with designers and consumers viewing lighting as something revolutionary which can completely transform a space. Gone are the days of... Continue Reading →

Kilim me softly

Kilim--or gelim in Persian—translates literally as “spread roughly.” Traditionally used as prayer rugs, these flat woven tapestries are produced from the Balkan region across to Pakistan. They have become increasingly popular in Western households and can be practical or purely... Continue Reading →

Raising the bar

A bar--whether in a hotel, restaurant or at home--represents enjoyment, indulgence and relaxation. Comfort is key to ensuring patrons stay for the long haul, but an inviting atmosphere is just as vital. Mood lighting instantly adds to an ambience and... Continue Reading →

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