After recently carrying out renovations to our flat, I thought it only right to share some wisdom. We are both lovers of industrial design and have wanted a brick wall for as long as I can remember. Our apartment is modern with floor to ceiling windows and a concrete floor, making it ideal for creating a New York, loft vibe.

Sofa Workshop &

Like many in London, we’re pretty limited when it comes to space so brick slips were the perfect option! Resembling a brick but half the size, they are also cheaper and easier to apply. We were sold!

Eclipse, Old Heritage & Knightsbridge Brick Slips

Due to their weight, they can simply be applied with extra strong glue. Then add grout between the bricks and hey presto! You’ve got yourself a brick wall that looks just as authentic as the real thing.

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As we were already tackling the subject of walls, we thought we’d take it one step further. During a lovely meal at the Bunch of Grapes in Bradford-on-Avon, we were inspired by the restaurant’s panelled window seats, painted in dark, moody tones.

Turbulences Deco Mad About The House

Panelling instantly adds character. The technique was widely used in Georgian, Victorian and Edwardian architecture and creates a sense of grandeur and times gone by. Panelling is a sure way to rid a modern home of its “cookie cutter” properties. You can go for all over wall panelling or just focus on a window seat or bay. Simple rectangular arrangements are the most common but you can also choose something much more ornate.


Miles & Wilde’s MWP1, MWP5 & MWP62f7a9507-7c26-4a45-95bf-fc97df414a00The Bath Co. Camberley Sage Wooden Straight Panel


Fine Panel Raised TBR

If you’re looking to embrace natural elements, chose reclaimed wood–stripped back and bare. Or, if you’re after more of a New England aesthetic, painted wood works a treat!


You might think that panelling would look strange in an industrial-style flat but it works a treat! I love marrying old and new design trends to create something that is truly unique.

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Top photo credit: Silver Blonde