Squares and their respective forms are prominent in architecture and interior design–from a building’s structure and windows right down to furniture and household accessories.

One of the key influences for this trend is obviously cubism. A revolutionary approach championed by Picasso and Braque, the art movement breaks down objects and figures into distinct areas or planes to present different viewpoints within the same space. Artists broke with tradition, emphasising the two-dimensional flatness of the canvas instead of creating the illusion of depth.

Georges Braque’s Violin And Pitcher & Bela de Kristo’s Le Banjo

Although cubism is predominantly associated with the art world, it is heavily influential in interior design.

Lighting designers have embraced the movement with clustered, cuboid installations and chandeliers which pay homage to both 2D and 3D interpretations.

Bert Frank Kins Pendant & Restoration Hardware Kline Square Pillar Candleholder

Gabriel Scott Welles Central  & Luxe Studio Golden Square Pendant

Straight lines and modular forms make furniture practical, eye-catching and modern.

RH Wexler Fabric Side Chair & Swoon Editions Malvern Armchair

McGee & Co. Frankie Ottoman RH Verrazano Square Side Table 

One of the easiest ways to inject cubism into your home is through decorative accessories. Vases, sculptures, hardware, you name it!

LD Shoppe Leah Vase, MGCo. Wood Geo Frame & Lara Bohinc Fortress Castle Vase

And don’t forget about flooring! Tiles are becoming more and more decorative, with their practical use often an after thought. Rugs are also another way to celebrate pattern, shape and form all in one.

Cle Tile Modern Roman Holiday & Bert And May Black Cubist Tile

LD Shoppe Fables Alicante Rug & Rockett St George Geometric Rug

From lights to furniture and flooring, you can dress your home from head to toe.

Top photo credit: ArchDaily