To some a simple, closed shape lacking edges, to others a champion of design and metaphor. The circle is dominant everywhere we look–from building construction right down to the languages we speak. The use of common sayings such as…”what comes around goes around,” “come full circle,” and “going round in circles,” are clear indicators of the shape’s everyday presence.

However, the first and most pure forms are found in nature. Inspiration for sculptures, artwork and homewares often stem from the environment–a leopard’s spots for textiles or a lunar configuration for lighting to name a few! The circle’s curved nature makes it easily transferable to all forms and materials.

Lighting has really taken a front seat recently, with elaborate installations becoming more commonplace. Nothing about lighting is longer ordinary!

Matthew McCormick Reach

Allied Maker Mini Orb & Dome Pendant

Elina Ulvio Reversible Pendant Light & Karl Zahn Atlas

Artwork is a constant source of circular inspiration. Bold monochrome prints will add an instant wow factor and give your home a contemporary edge.

17Patterns Whirling Dervish Circle Print & Paul Lee Untitled 2014

The ottoman is a go-to for curved furniture while retro, shell-inspired seating is another key trend.

Brabbu Hera Armchair & Soho Home Maggie Round Ottoman

OKA Magicus Console & Atkin & Thyme Orion Coffee Table 

And last but definitely not least, choose circular rugs for something out of the ordinary.

Brabbu Baltic Rug II & Gobi Rug II

Top photo credit: Halo Chandelier By Matthew McCormick