We have recently been lucky enough to remodel our bathroom. When I first told friends about this new project, I was met with “it’s so nice already, why change it?” It’s always a different story visiting somewhere and living there and often things go unnoticed. Our flat has concrete floors throughout which works really well everywhere…apart from the bathroom! The floor had experienced bad water damage and glue was leftover from previous inhabitants attempting to cover the floor, rather poorly I might add!

Living in London, we’re also short of space (shocker!), so the unnecessary ledge on our back wall and the bath that we never used seemed really impractical. Not to mention that they took up an inordinate amount of surface area. The tile work on the walls was also dodgy to say the least and very dark! There is no natural light in our bathroom so the brighter we could get it the better!



Under construction…

We were keen to stick to an achromatic colour palette, with a heavy emphasis on white to give the illusion of space and light. If any of you follow me on social media or read this blog on a regular basis you’ll know that I am OBSESSED with tiles. They are often my first thought when it comes to design as I feel they can really transform a room and give it character. So obviously this project was going to be heavily tile orientated. For the walls, we went for the ever popular metro tile with raised edges. Smokey coloured grout in between the tiles accentuates the pattern. For the floor, the Berkeley tile was the only option. I could not be happier! While the colour palette is what some might call safe, the patterned tiles really pack a punch and give it that extra factor.



We decided to get rid of the bath and go for a walk in shower. The concrete floor was a slight obstacle and momentarily halted our dream of a rainforest shower, but our fabulous plumber JW Plumbing came up with a raised step. Now another stumbling block, raised step…closer to the ceiling…boyfriend over 6ft…I think you get the picture. We had originally planned for a fixed shower head in the ceiling but we have compromised and gone for an angled, wall-fixed shower head. It’s the closest to a rainforest shower that you could get and has exactly the same effect.

I am also a huge fan of marble so when it came to our vanity, the question was what kind of marble, not what kind of surface. We found the most gorgeous Savoy vanity which has a marble top, charcoal grey cupboard and vintage taps. I love the antique feel and think it is a nice addition to the largely modern bathroom. Mixing trends past and present really adds a unique feel to a space and makes it one of a kind!

We have had the best experience renovating our bathroom and it has done nothing but add fire to my interior aspirations. Onwards and upwards from here…what next?!


Tiles/grout: Topps Tiles

Bathroom essentials: bathstore

Accessories: Rockett St George, Cowshed, Ros Shiers & The White Company