Angles look sharp and cutting edge. They can transform a simple glass roof into a dramatic installation or a floor lamp into a work of art. From lighting to furniture, you can find angles everywhere you look. Incorporate them into your home for a stylish, contemporary feel.


Drastic lines and unexpected angles attract attention, and these prints are no different.

Ld Shoppe Palladium Framed Print Series & Mirror Gold I Framed Print

Geometric Portal II & Glacier II Canvas


Conventional design favours ninety degree angles. Stand out from the crowd and experiment with obtuse and acute alternatives to give your home an avant-garde aesthetic.

Ladies & Gentlemen Shape Up Pendant & Takagi & Homstvedt Half And Half Pendant

IC Lighting from Flos


Deviating away from traditional geometric components can make simple objects, such as an armchair or table, really stand out. Embrace bolder angles to create captivating arrangements that move away from the everyday.

01 Bart By Mauro Lipparini

West Elm Thea Chair

Swoon Editions Fez Side Table

Swoon Editions Cairo Green Marble Side Table

The more daring you are with your use of geometry, the more visually appealing it will be.

Top photo credit: Zio & Sons