Windows are an essential part of any home. Most importantly, and quite obviously, they provide light which creates a feeling of space. In larger abodes, enhancing it and in smaller ones forming the illusion that there is more than meets the eye.

They also hold the power to bring the outdoors in, a trend which doesn’t look like letting up anytime soon. Windows blur the boundary between your garden, balcony or patio and your living space, allowing the eyes to flow freely and creating a sense of unity. Rather than a bold, botanical wallpaper, your backdrop can now be your home-grown foliage. What’s more, it will update with the seasons so you are never bored.

The classic

There’s nothing wrong with your traditional, open and close windows and doors. They serve their purpose brilliantly. But, how about floor-to-ceiling options to really invite the outdoors in? For a rustic look, chose weathered teak, reminiscent of villas in Indonesia. Ensure the wood is sealed properly to avoid weatherproofing issues, or just use the teak inside. For those industrial lovers, stick to steel frames for a true loft feel.

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The bifold

This design is transformational in breaking down the boundary between indoors and out, allowing your garden to become an extension of your home. Aluminum, composite and timber are the most popular materials. The first two are great options if you are going for a warehouse feel while the latter is ideal for those looking for a natural look. The timber can also be painted if you are looking for more of a coastal, New England aesthetic.

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The roller

Picture your garage door, now add some glass and steel frames, and you have a stunning glazed sectional which mimics that same mechanism. Much like bifolds, your view is completely unobstructed and it’s a great space-saving option. Say goodbye to large doors blocking your way – this version simply disappears up into the ceiling.

Apartment Therapy

The pivot

This striking option calls for space to accommodate the door’s sweeping action. While not the most practical, it will certainly catch the eye of passers-by. Pick a light, minimal frame to maximise the amount of light entering your home. For added drama, opt for an arch over a simple flat design.

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The super-sized

Still not quite up to scratch? As they say, go big or go home. Pick one of the above options and then supersize it for maximum effect.

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