The coffee table is often considered one of the hearts of the home. It’s a place where friends and family gather to catch up, be it over a lazy weekend coffee or a chilled mid-week rosé. This surface also presents the opportunity to display some of your most prized possessions and meaningful pieces – think of it as a window into your personality.

The great thing about coffee table styling is that you can spend as little or as much as you want, and the results require minimum effort with maximum impact. Before hitting the shops, it’s worth rummaging through your belongings, and you might just find some long-lost treasures collected on travels or mementos from loved ones.

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From statement lighting and intriguing books to ambient candles and beautiful trinkets, the options for decorating are endless.

Here are a few suggestions to get you on your way…

  1. Pick an overarching theme. This will make the shopping process much easier and ensure that your arrangement looks unified and purposeful.
  2. Balance height, colours and textures to ensure that the display works as a whole. Combining different heights creates interest, but make sure to evenly disperse it. If you’re experimenting with colour, go for three (max four) different hues to ensure there is still a flow between objects. The same goes for texture, too many patterns can look busy.
  3. Use the surface area of books to display other trinkets. While they are a very popular decorative piece, they do take up significant room, so why not make them multi-task? The spines will still be on show so guests can peruse at their leisure.
  4. Don’t frame your coffee table. Placing objects in the corners and leaving the centre empty looks forced and clinical.


Now for a few themes to inspire…

Chic monochrome 

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A muted colour palette of black and white instantly adds an air of sophistication to any surface. Pair with stylish coffee table books and elegant candles for a truly luxurious, yet understated feel. Marble works particularly well for this aesthetic.

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Peter Lindbergh | Diptyque | McGee & Co. | Tom Dixon | Kinfolk Home

World wonders

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Bander Aazul

Layer memories from your travels with natural materials and artisanal pieces to create a real sense of wanderlust. Cookery books and city guides are the perfect finishing touch and will entertain guests.

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Taschen | Local + Lejos | Lulu & Georgia | LD Shoppe by Leclair Decor | Oliver Bonas

Precious metals

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Curate a dazzling display with a melange of metallics. From antique silver and iron to beaten gold and copper, these luminous hues will instantly generate a warming ambience. Mercury tea lights are a must.

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Le Labo | LD Shoppe | Oliver Bonas | Cire Trudon

Rustic country

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Merge textural aspects, such as rattan and reclaimed wood, with softer, countryside-inspired pieces such as vases and flowers. This combination ensures you pay homage to your surroundings without creating an arrangement that looks outdated and fussy. A vintage botany book is always a nice touch and still very much in vogue.

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India Jane | House & Garden | OKA |Royal Horticultural Society

So, whatever your style our budget, it’s easy to inject some personality into your surfaces.

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