Tempting terrazzo

Terrazzo, which was once thought of as dowdy and terribly unfashionable, is now being coined the "new marble." Although widely known for its use in schools and government buildings in the 70s, this material has a much longer history. Some... Continue Reading →

Kilim me softly

Kilim--or gelim in Persian—translates literally as “spread roughly.” Traditionally used as prayer rugs, these flat woven tapestries are produced from the Balkan region across to Pakistan. They have become increasingly popular in Western households and can be practical or purely... Continue Reading →

Poolside chic

With holiday season now fully underway, minds are a flutter with images of towering palm trees, turquoise infinity pools and candy stripe loungers. Whether you're going far a field or staying closer to home, everyone's in need of a dose... Continue Reading →

Highland hideaway

I first experienced the splendor of Scotland’s highlands and islands last August on a trip to the Isle of Skye. Taking its name from old Norse skye-a, meaning “cloud island,” Skye is a place of breathtaking beauty. Overlooked by the... Continue Reading →

Go green

GREEN. Emerald, jade, forest, olive, army, moss, mint, pine, sage…the list goes on. Pantone recently announced that the winner of Colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery 15-0343. Being both trans-seasonal and neutral, green is an easy colour to incorporate... Continue Reading →

Indian summers

While colonialism is a tainted and tarnished part of history, there is one thing that we can celebrate about this period--the amalgamation of two interior aesthetics. A cultural collaboration between east and west which works together in perfect harmony. Think long, hot... Continue Reading →

Creating your own oasis

A long soak in a bath filled with salts and nebulous foam. Relaxing "me-time" under a warm, steamy shower. Bathrooms are all about tranquility and pampering--allowing you to get away from the hectic everyday buzz. This blog post explores my... Continue Reading →

Gatsby glamour

There's no better time for a bit of glitz and glamour than New Year's Eve...and no one who did it better than Gatsby! This trend is all about black and gold--a dramatic colour combination which is sure to add sophistication... Continue Reading →

Deck the halls

Christmas is fast approaching so I thought I'd write a festive-inspired post with some fun, alternative trends as well as some old time classics. An alternative christmas While Christmas is all about tradition, now more than ever people are starting to craft their... Continue Reading →

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