Bohemian rhapsody

If you look up the word bohemian in the dictionary you will come across words such as wanderer, free spirit, unorthodox...For me, this trend is all about embracing an eclectic mix of textiles, artefacts and furniture from different corners of... Continue Reading →

Understated luxe

This trend is all about handpicking select, opulent pieces and placing them against a minimalist backdrop. A monochrome colour palette combines the idea of sophistication and simplicity perfectly.  Experiment with a scale that ranges from a dark petrol blue or... Continue Reading →

Retro revival

The eclectic and colourful interiors of the 1950s and 60s have come in and out of fashion over the years. However, the retro revival is making headlines again, largely thanks to a rising obsession with the Soho House group and... Continue Reading →

Crafting craze

Arts and crafts have long been deemed passé--confined to ladies knitting groups or after schools clubs. However, I'll have you know that this handmade look is now trendy and taking over the interior world. Mad for macrame Macrame has been given... Continue Reading →

Highland hideaway

I first experienced the splendor of Scotland’s highlands and islands last August on a trip to the Isle of Skye. Taking its name from old Norse skye-a, meaning “cloud island,” Skye is a place of breathtaking beauty. Overlooked by the... Continue Reading →

Go green

GREEN. Emerald, jade, forest, olive, army, moss, mint, pine, sage…the list goes on. Pantone recently announced that the winner of Colour of the Year 2017 is Greenery 15-0343. Being both trans-seasonal and neutral, green is an easy colour to incorporate... Continue Reading →

Indian summers

While colonialism is a tainted and tarnished part of history, there is one thing that we can celebrate about this period--the amalgamation of two interior aesthetics. A cultural collaboration between east and west which works together in perfect harmony. Think long, hot... Continue Reading →

Creating your own oasis

A long soak in a bath filled with salts and nebulous foam. Relaxing "me-time" under a warm, steamy shower. Bathrooms are all about tranquility and pampering--allowing you to get away from the hectic everyday buzz. This blog post explores my... Continue Reading →

Gatsby glamour

There's no better time for a bit of glitz and glamour than New Year's Eve...and no one who did it better than Gatsby! This trend is all about black and gold--a dramatic colour combination which is sure to add sophistication... Continue Reading →

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