Head first

It has to be said, when it comes to statement headboards, interior designer Dorothée Meilichzon is queen. Her beautifully curated designs feature bold colours, textiles and shapes combined with retro lighting and porthole mirrors. Her global design agency CHZON specialises in hospitality,... Continue Reading →

Found in Frome

Once a relatively hidden gem in the heart of Somerset, the historic market town of Frome is quickly making a name for itself. With quirky home and clothing shops constantly popping up along its steep, but quaint cobbled streets, the... Continue Reading →

The candle edit

The candle and home fragrance world has taken a drastic turn, for the better. Old-fashioned scents such as rose and lavender are being replaced with more musky, masculine aromas for a sophisticated update. This curated edit will give you the... Continue Reading →

The art of wabi-sabi

In a world that is often obsessed with perfection, it is refreshing to see a decorating style that celebrates exactly the opposite. Wabi-sabi is an ancient Japanese philosophy which focuses on finding beauty in the imperfect, transient and incomplete. The... Continue Reading →

The 9 to 5

Whether you have a tiny study or a spacious bureau, your home office is important when it comes to decor. It could be the place you go to when you need a moment to focus or a moment of calm.... Continue Reading →

Tempting terrazzo

Terrazzo, which was once thought of as dowdy and terribly unfashionable, is now being coined the "new marble." Although widely known for its use in schools and government buildings in the 70s, this material has a much longer history. Some... Continue Reading →

Bright young things

My boyfriend recently became an uncle. This has meant lots of time spent scouring the internet for the best baby gifts. Due to the tricky way the web works nowadays, I've been showered with ads about the best brands and... Continue Reading →

AA Design Masterclass

Last weekend I attended Abigail Ahern's Half Day Design Masterclass. It was an inspirational few hours, all about going off the grid and breaking the rules taught to you at design school to create truly unique interiors. Here are the... Continue Reading →

East meets west: the coast

Californians are spoilt for choice when it comes to coastal getaways. Malibu and La Jolla offer stunning views and an upmarket, yet laid-back vibe. Rocky, coastal paths are dotted with vista points and trendy, health cafes. For those in search... Continue Reading →

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