Stylish surfaces

The coffee table is often considered one of the hearts of the home. It’s a place where friends and family gather to catch up, be it over a lazy weekend coffee or a chilled mid-week rosé. This surface also presents... Continue Reading →

Jungle fever

Calling all urban gardeners…We’re all used to working with space constraints and the dreaded air pollution. Lavender, said to be one of the hardiest of plants, barely survived a week in my make shift window box. So, I’ve had to... Continue Reading →

It’s the small things…

Due to our ever-growing world and the constant demand for property, apartments are getting smaller and smaller. This has led designers to come up with innovative and  stylish ways to save space. As they say, great things often come in... Continue Reading →

Southern charm

With temperatures in the UK finally living up to the summer hype, it got me thinking about warm-weather décor and who does it best. I was quickly drawn to the deep south, specifically Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina, with... Continue Reading →

Muted bohemian

I've long been a fan of rustic colour palettes, natural textures and combining patterns from all four corners of the globe. And, I still feel that a battered leather armchair is the heart and soul of a room, and that... Continue Reading →

La dolce vita

Just over an hour’s hop, skip, train and a ferry from Milan, Lake Como is one of those places you simply must visit. Bellagio, known as the pearl of the lake, was our destination for this much-awaited Italian adventure. It... Continue Reading →

Through the looking glass

Windows are an essential part of any home. Most importantly, and quite obviously, they provide light which creates a feeling of space. In larger abodes, enhancing it and in smaller ones forming the illusion that there is more than meets... Continue Reading →

Easy bathroom updates

Bored of your bathroom but lacking the pennies for a complete refresh? Follow these easy steps and upgrade your space in no time. 1. Vanity fair Every bathroom needs a mirror so why not make a statement with an oversized... Continue Reading →

Velvet & brass

Looking to introduce a bit of Hollywood glamour into your home? How about a bit of velvet and brass? This combination instantly elevates a room and adds an air of elegance. A touch of inspiration... When it comes to velvet,... Continue Reading →

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