Pillow talk

Gone are the days of using pillows for solely functional purposes. Occasional, throw, top-of-bed, scatter – all are common terms for cushions which are mainly used for decoration, or at least more pretty than they are practical. Hip to be... Continue Reading →

High contrast

Contrast is often the secret ingredient that gives memorable spaces their impact. This key design principal draws people in with visual focal points, while simultaneously pulling it all together. Colour, texture, shape and pattern are all mediums through which you... Continue Reading →

La dolce vita

Just over an hour’s hop, skip, train and a ferry from Milan, Lake Como is one of those places you simply must visit. Bellagio, known as the pearl of the lake, was our destination for this much-awaited Italian adventure. It... Continue Reading →

Found in Frome

Once a relatively hidden gem in the heart of Somerset, the historic market town of Frome is quickly making a name for itself. With quirky home and clothing shops constantly popping up along its steep, but quaint cobbled streets, the... Continue Reading →

Bright young things

My boyfriend recently became an uncle. This has meant lots of time spent scouring the internet for the best baby gifts. Due to the tricky way the web works nowadays, I've been showered with ads about the best brands and... Continue Reading →

AA Design Masterclass

Last weekend I attended Abigail Ahern's Half Day Design Masterclass. It was an inspirational few hours, all about going off the grid and breaking the rules taught to you at design school to create truly unique interiors. Here are the... Continue Reading →

Kilim me softly

Kilim--or gelim in Persian—translates literally as “spread roughly.” Traditionally used as prayer rugs, these flat woven tapestries are produced from the Balkan region across to Pakistan. They have become increasingly popular in Western households and can be practical or purely... Continue Reading →

Blue hues

As a self-professed lover of neutrals, blue is the colour I feel most confident using. Hardly bold you might say! However, inky navy or a piercing turquoise can make a real impact. One trend that has brought blue to the... Continue Reading →

Check mate

Check, tartan, plaid, gingham...they are all cut from the same cloth. The pattern, and its variations, have a long history of popularity, with use of the fabrics dating back as early as the 17th century. If you're a traditionalist you'll... Continue Reading →

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