High contrast

Contrast is often the secret ingredient that gives memorable spaces their impact. This key design principal draws people in with visual focal points, while simultaneously pulling it all together. Colour, texture, shape and pattern are all mediums through which you... Continue Reading →

Table manners

With wedding planning well and truly under way, I've been thinking a lot about place settings and tablescapes. Whatever the occasion, choosing the right table linen, cutlery and serveware can really make an impact. Just pick a theme and roll... Continue Reading →

It’s the small things…

Due to our ever-growing world and the constant demand for property, apartments are getting smaller and smaller. This has led designers to come up with innovative and ¬†stylish ways to save space. As they say, great things often come in... Continue Reading →

Warming to pink

I'm the first to admit that I haven't been a fan of pink since about the age of 5. I grew out of it very quickly! The thought of fuchsia, magenta, baby and bubblegum still make me shudder. In my... Continue Reading →

Lessons in geometry

Geometry has been an important element of architecture and interior design for as long as time. The Ancient Greeks are said to have invented it while the Ancient Egyptians were pioneers in using the subject matter in construction.¬†The Temple of... Continue Reading →

Flower power

The botanical trend is really holding its own in the interior world and shows no signs of slowing down. Adding floral-inspired accessories breathes life and colour into your home. Wallpaper, textile, and furniture designers have all jumped on the band... Continue Reading →

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