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Jungle fever

Calling all urban gardeners…We’re all used to working with space constraints and the dreaded air pollution. Lavender, said to be one of the hardiest of plants, barely survived a week in my make shift window box. So, I’ve had to... Continue Reading →


Petersham Nurseries

I've been meaning to visit Petersham Nurseries for some time now and finally got round to it last weekend. It was definitely worth the wait! Nestled between Richmond and Ham, by way of the river footpath and a narrow country... Continue Reading →

An understated Christmas

I'm all about understated elegance for Christmas. I've never been one for bold colours or overly sparkly ornaments...and don't even get me started on tinsel. For me, its the simple things that have the greatest impact. The more greenery and... Continue Reading →

New beginnings

We have recently been lucky enough to remodel our bathroom. When I first told friends about this new project, I was met with “it’s so nice already, why change it?” It’s always a different story visiting somewhere and living there... Continue Reading →

Surface area

With the right decor and expert styling, shelving and coffee tables can become real focal points in a room. Flowers, books and vases are the obvious contenders, but its worth exploring your options. Think outside the box to create truly... Continue Reading →

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