Tempting terrazzo

Terrazzo, which was once thought of as dowdy and terribly unfashionable, is now being coined the "new marble." Although widely known for its use in schools and government buildings in the 70s, this material has a much longer history. Some... Continue Reading →


From all angles

Angles look sharp and cutting edge. They can transform a simple glass roof into a dramatic installation or a floor lamp into a work of art. From lighting to furniture, you can find angles everywhere you look. Incorporate them into... Continue Reading →

New beginnings

We have recently been lucky enough to remodel our bathroom. When I first told friends about this new project, I was met with “it’s so nice already, why change it?” It’s always a different story visiting somewhere and living there... Continue Reading →

Warming to pink

I'm the first to admit that I haven't been a fan of pink since about the age of 5. I grew out of it very quickly! The thought of fuchsia, magenta, baby and bubblegum still make me shudder. In my... Continue Reading →

Raising the bar

A bar--whether in a hotel, restaurant or at home--represents enjoyment, indulgence and relaxation. Comfort is key to ensuring patrons stay for the long haul, but an inviting atmosphere is just as vital. Mood lighting instantly adds to an ambience and... Continue Reading →

On the tiles

I am obsessed with tiles. Far from a mundane material we use to line our walls and floors, I see them as decorative objects that can transform any room. Yes, they serve the purpose of waterproofing kitchens and bathrooms, but... Continue Reading →

Monochrome matters

The monochrome trend never gets old. Not only is black and white a timeless combination but it is also androgynous and sophisticated. This palette goes with everything and can be constantly refreshed with hints of colour depending on your mood. A gallery wall is... Continue Reading →

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