Pillow talk

Gone are the days of using pillows for solely functional purposes. Occasional, throw, top-of-bed, scatter – all are common terms for cushions which are mainly used for decoration, or at least more pretty than they are practical. Hip to be... Continue Reading →

Stylish surfaces

The coffee table is often considered one of the hearts of the home. It’s a place where friends and family gather to catch up, be it over a lazy weekend coffee or a chilled mid-week rosé. This surface also presents... Continue Reading →

Jungle fever

Calling all urban gardeners…We’re all used to working with space constraints and the dreaded air pollution. Lavender, said to be one of the hardiest of plants, barely survived a week in my make shift window box. So, I’ve had to... Continue Reading →

Southern charm

With temperatures in the UK finally living up to the summer hype, it got me thinking about warm-weather décor and who does it best. I was quickly drawn to the deep south, specifically Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina, with... Continue Reading →

The 9 to 5

Whether you have a tiny study or a spacious bureau, your home office is important when it comes to decor. It could be the place you go to when you need a moment to focus or a moment of calm.... Continue Reading →

East meets west: the coast

Californians are spoilt for choice when it comes to coastal getaways. Malibu and La Jolla offer stunning views and an upmarket, yet laid-back vibe. Rocky, coastal paths are dotted with vista points and trendy, health cafes. For those in search... Continue Reading →

East meets west: the city

Two of the most happening and stylish cities have to be Los Angeles and New York. Both are constant sources of cultural inspiration, from food and music to art and architecture. The west coast hub endorses easy breezy, outdoor living.... Continue Reading →

An understated Christmas

I'm all about understated elegance for Christmas. I've never been one for bold colours or overly sparkly ornaments...and don't even get me started on tinsel. For me, its the simple things that have the greatest impact. The more greenery and... Continue Reading →

Round in circles

To some a simple, closed shape lacking edges, to others a champion of design and metaphor. The circle is dominant everywhere we look--from building construction right down to the languages we speak. The use of common sayings such as…”what comes... Continue Reading →

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